Zenith 12s374 Console
Yes that is NOT a Typo
In the Bryant and Cones Books Zenith the Glory Years
of 1936 through 1945  there is a one line single entry for this radio.... it says:
Model 12s374   Chassis 1204 ?   Console ?

Someplace on the web I found a very small black and white photocopy from the original sales material mentioning this radio.
First a little history about the 1204 Zenith Chassis. From the Bryant and Cones books we see that total production of this
chassis was 35,960 units.  Serial Number sequences for these units were ...
R-232901 through R-251450 for 18,550 units
R-393401 through R-403800 for 10,400 units
R-519666 through R-526215 for 6,550 units
R-635141 through R-635370 for 230 units

Serial number of this chassis is R-635167

The chassis 1204 went into 1938 Zenith models 12s206 a radio phonograph plus 12s232 Walton Tombstone
plus 12s265 , 12s266, 12s267, 12s268 Consoles and the 12s245 Chairside.

So we ask ourselves why would Zenith produce a run of 230 chassis? Perhaps Zenith had a few of the
above cabinets leftover and wanted a few chassis to put in them?  Also after filling up these last few chassis
perhaps they had a very few chassis left. What to do with these?  Well a little modification to a 1939
Zenith model 9s367 cabinet and thats what a 12s374 is....
Modfications to the cabinet are.... first the front panel was cut and a new top section was added
to match up to the teardrop shaped fameous 1938 shutterdial Escutcheon... next for some reason
Zenith added a solid floor to the cabinet.... it also has the same 12" Speaker with the Beehive Accoustic
Adapter that is found in the 1938 models.... notice in the rear view the small wooden blocks
that are screwed fast to hold the top section of the front panel to the lower section.... all
sprayed with the normal Zenith dark blue paint....
manuals and black and white photocopies
about serial numbers and codes
QR code decoder
information on quick response
use of QR codes
Learning how to use codes
free QR codes

More comments after all the pictures...

Notice the Zenith paper label... its on the bottom of the chassis shelf.... the label is for a
Zenith model 12s371 and the 371 part is crossed off and pencilled in 374...
The rear edge of the top of cabinet has the Zenith model number stamped in nicely
and it says 12-s-374 ....
I still wonder just how many of these radios Zenith produced? .... This radio has never
been out of the original purchasers family... The original purchaser lived east of St Louis, MO
in a town over into ILL a bit.... The radio came to Jean and I in July of 2007 for restoration..
and was returned in November 2007 to the owners.... the radio now lives in Lake Of The Ozarks, MO
with direct descendants of the original purchaser...

Jean and I were very happy to have been selected to restore this rare.... very rare
Zenith console....

John & Jean