"Our Jukes"

These things are GREAT to have in your Family room!...

Wurlitzer America III  1967  100  45 rpm records

Seeburg SS--160  80 records plays 45 or the 7" 33LP records
top picture area rotates to show three different  views

The two little black boxes on the left side are the power supply and small AM Transmitter.....so that you can
punch up a bunch of your favorite tunes on the Juke......and then go anyplace in the house and turn on one
of the many Antique Radios.....and listen to your own "Radio Station"........
Both Jukes are full of  "Oldies records and some early Country Music"

I do have a Rockola Juke from about 1960 that isn't ready to sell yet.....E-Mail if your interested....
It will be around $700 after completion...... SOLD

Sorry this one has been SOLD !!

This is one I wish I had


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