Philco Chairside Radios

From Philco Collector Scott Shull
Restored by John & Jean

In June of 1931 Philco brought out
the Norman Bel Geddes designed
Model 370 Chairside

This was the first Philco Chairside Mfg. It was also offered in early 1932
as per the Philco book. This radio is from the early production run. It is a modified
model 70 chassis with right angle drive for tuning and volume control mounted
on a vertical bracket on the front of the chassis.


In 1932-33 Philco built the Lazy X is what they
called the Chairside radios
This is a model 14LZX with its remote speaker cabinet
As per Ron's book the 14LZX was another Philco First... the separate
Speaker Cabinet... separate from the Chairside radio unit.. This one came out
in the fall of 1932 The Speaker cabinet houses TWO speakers.. an 8 incher and
a 12 inch one... super sound from this unit..
As per the Philco book total production of this chairside was 3650 units

Alongside of it is the model 19LZX with its remote speaker cabinet
The 19 LZX Came out in Early 1933 and it is a 6 tube radio with several variations... see the
Ron's site for all the information on the various
chassis designs... some are AM only and some have also low shortwave
bands on them...
As per the Philco book total production of this chairside was  2,500 (NOTE: Figure includes Models 19LZ & 91RX) units
the 19LZ had a built in 8 inch speaker where this 19LZX had the remote speaker cabinet... no idea
of how many of each where built...

And thats "Tiger" my 15 year old Persian Kitty posing along with the radios... the taller of the two
speaker cabinets is the dual speaker one for the 14LZX

Then in the summer of 1933 Philco came up with the 19TX
This is a remote table radio... made to set on top of your end table next to your easy chair...
As per the Philco book total production of this chairside was 1500 units
Wonder what happened to all of these 1500 radios?
In all my years of collecting and restoring and going
to old radio shows I have seen a total of TWO of this model
This one... and the other one I saw at Ron Ramirez home
a couple years ago...
And YES we are looking for a handle for this radio...

The finish on the speaker cabinet is original... darkened
somewhat from aging .. but nice enough we didn't want
to refinish it...

In 1935 Philco built the Model 118 RX
this is a 2 piece chairside featuring End Table
styling for the radio unit and a remote speaker
We restored this one a few years ago
 As per the Philco book total production of this chairside was 500 units