A totally different version of a Setchell Carlson Jet
Welcome the Export Version of the Setchell Carlson Jet model 5130

Other model numbers for this same cabinet are 58A and 5110 plus the erroneous 375 listed by Stein which is
really a serial number on one of the model 58A Jet's.

Those model numbers represent two versions of the radio. AM broadcast band only which is a 6 tube radio.

Some very nice pictures of this Setchell Carlson Jet 58a - 375 are shown on this page from RadioAttic
Radioattic Jet 6 tube AM broadcast only

And then we also have the AM / FM version of the radio with 9 tubes model 5110
Rider service manual picture schematic of 9 tube AM / FM Jet

Yes the cabinet came in more than one type of wood and finish.
Mahogany and Blonde
And then I have one that can't be found anyplace on the web. No reference anyplace to give us a model number or
schematic or pictures of the dial or anything that I can find. If anyone finds some information on this
Setchell Carlson Jet please send me an email with the information.
Email to me is  K9UWA@ARRL.NET
Finally we have some documetation and reference for the Export Jet.

This is a THREE band Setchell Carlson Jet radio
It has Broadcast band plus TWO shortwave bands.
Notice the dial is shown only in METERS.

Some pictures of this Jet
First the cabinet is a bit rough but Jean assures me it will be just fine when she is done with it.

Next a front view of the chassis from this 3 band Jet

The nine cans in the middle have in them Antenna coil Detector coil and Oscillator coil for each of the three bands.
Notice the Dial showing only bands 1  2  & 3 each shown in meters and on the right side the S/C emblem.

And here is the curled up plastic dial cover

If you do comparisons of this dial cover vs the AM only and AM / FM versions the Left control on this one is
labeled Off and Volume where on the others the left control is volume only. On this radio the Tone Switch is labeled TONE and has High
Medium and Bass. Where the tone switch on the other versions also has the ON switch with the tone selections. This one for band just says BAND and 1 2 3 thats all.
The bandswitch on the AM and AM/FM version has a positoin on it for "Phono" No Phono connectors on this chassis.

Next picture is a rear view of this chassis.

No Phono connections on this radio. It has and A and a G terminals for Antenna and Ground.
And on the right that different looking plug says VOLTS 210 to 250 and 50/60 cycles AC
Yes the power transformer has additional primary winding tap for that 210 to 250 volt AC
rather than what is used here in the USA 120 vac
As to the circuitry in this chassis vs the BC band only version.
Tube lineup of BC only radio 6BA6, 6BE6, 6BA6, 6AT6, 6V6, 6X5
Tube lineup of this 3 band Jet 6BA6, 6BE6, 6BA6, 6AT6, 6X4
Am I ever glad they deep sixed that lousy 6X5 tube in favor of the 7 pin mini 6X4 they don't
have the failure problems known to exist of 6X5 radios.
Other differences in the circuitry.
The Tone Switch is much simpler and so is the tone control circuitry.
The Bandswitch is yes much more complicated due to 3 totally separate coils for each
of the three bands. The rest of the circuitry is nearly the same as the BC band
only radio.

The History of this radio. I bought it from a seller in Lafayette IN. In discussion with him he said
he purchased the radio from Canada which makes sense with the Meters and Multi voltage
power transformer. However it is very strange that Setchell Carlson never documented this
version of the radio by making schematics and a model number available to all the usual service facilities.
And nothing so far found in any radio magazines or other places that this model of the
Setchell Carlson Jet existed.

Cross out that last statement. The following picture is Page 191 of the December 1953 Radio News Magazine. It shows an AD
from Concord in their 1954 catalog they are discounting the Export Setchell Carlson Jet model 5130 from $99.95
down to a clearout special of $29.95 Available in either Mahogany or Blonde.

I am sure that in time I will be adding additional information to this webpage.
John Jean and Baby Strat the Fat Cat

New Dialcover has arrived from RadioDaze

Jean has the cabinet reassembled and almost finished

Finally the radio is assembled.
It will be a few months before we can put the feet back onto the radio.

Stay Tuned for more updates.
John k9uwa